Do Electrode Pads Work For Pain Management?

Do Electrode Pads Work For Pain Management?Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy, or TENS therapy using back pain electrodes, is a pain management technique that uses electrical current to block nerve signals from travelling to the brain. The electrical impulses from TENS therapy also promote the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers. This way, your big event will not end early due to your back pain.

Although there is no current scientific proof that TENS therapy works, there is ample anecdotal evidence that suggests many people find this therapy helpful in reducing the effects of chronic pain. Slow and strong electrical pulses cause the muscles in the affected area to contract and relax spasmodically, while at higher settings patients report a quivering sensation across their muscles.

In order for TENS therapy to be effective, the electrode pads need to be applied with care and attention. The key to effective treatment is to correctly place electrodes on the affected part of the body and to apply the appropriate amount of electrical stimulation. There are a number of areas on the body where TENS electrodes should not be placed.

Electrodes may cause damage when placed on the forehead, temples, mouth, eyes, on the neck near major arteries, or close to the spinal cord. They should also never be placed in areas that have suffered physical damage.

Correctly placed electrodes must be at least an inch away from each other. When electrodes are placed closer together, there is the chance that they will deliver an excessive amount of electrical stimulation. Many TENS units have electrodes that are colored black and white. Placing the black colored electrodes further away from the body core and the red ones closer to the body core will help the stimulation process.

It is essential for individual patients to choose the most effective and comfortable strength setting for themselves. Patients should not start off on the highest setting. This does not guarantee better effectiveness than other settings. In time, users may become acclimated to the electrical pulses. If this happens, then higher settings should be used.

TENS therapy may not be suitable for everyone. Some pain sufferers may have conditions that prevent the safe use of TENS treatment. Do not use TENS therapy if you are fitted with a pacemaker. Those living with epilepsy should also avoid TENS treatment, since the treatment has been known to aggravate this condition. Pregnant women and anyone suffering from cardiac arrhythmia should also avoid TENS therapy.

Always consult your doctor prior to using TENS therapy. Many physicians recommend this treatment, but some physicians will recommend alternative or complementary treatments. After all, each patient is unique and deserves a personalized treatment plan. By seeking your physician’s opinion, you may find that there is more than one option or that these options, when used together, create even more relief for your pain. There is no need to spoil your big day or event by succumbing to pain. Try a TENS unit with back pain electrodes pads today!

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