Fall Prevention For the Elderly

fall prevention elderlyElderly people must remain active and work towards preventing falls, but many times they have caregivers. One of the most important tools a caregiver has is a bed alarm for seniors. My sister and mother worked as caregivers for a lady. My mother would just stop by for a few hours, but my sister actually lived with the lady on certain days. As you can see, in-home care can mean many different things.

There can be in home nurses, and assisted living facilities can provide more or less freedoms for seniors. As a caregiver, you know the level of service that’s required. Plus, you also know what your role is as a caregiver, and that means you know how to offer tips for fall prevention that elderly people need. You give them information, and you also watch out for them. Do you know how to help seniors prevent falls?

Some seniors need to be prompted to get moving. As people get older, all parts of the body age, including the mind. Sometimes people just don’t feel like getting up. They need someone to brighten their day, give them something to do, and keep them moving around. Some people need assistance with moving around, too.

One of my friends visited from out of state recently and stayed with other friends nearby. Now, at 78, she’s a smart cookie and very active, but she’s getting older of course. On the beach, she had to be careful walking around. When we went back towards the beach access, I held her arm for her so she could easily walk around. She was smart to reach out for help when necessary, even though she’s very able to get around by herself for the most part.

Some seniors are very active, like her, yet they can still find themselves in situations where they’ve overexerted themselves and might need to reach out for help. It happens to everyone, and that’s what happened to her that day. She wouldn’t normally be reaching out for help on the beach access, but we had been walking around for awhile. Furthermore, she had been out in the sun, as it was quite hot out that day.

Seniors have to watch themselves in the heat. As my great aunt gets older, she has to watch her commitments. She’s on an oxygen machine, but it’s mostly her heart that’s wanting to give out in her 80’s. She has to decide if she can make it through church, and at this point, she always has to be prepared for the unexpected. She walks around by herself, too, but she knows her limits.

She’s not going to go jumping around on a trampoline or anything like that. You want to still be able to move around and get to places you want to go. That’s why you need to take the proper precautions. As a caregiver, you have to know that when it comes to fall prevention, elderly people are reliant upon you to help them in many different ways.

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