Is Grass Fed Meat Really Better than Grain Fed Meat?

You have probably read numerous articles about grass fed beef and it nutritional effects on human body and health. But do you really know the difference between these two types of meat? Do you truly understand what the term grass fed means? In the following passages you’ll find the answers to some of your common questions.


You have probably already noticed that when you go shopping for some steaks you find labels that point out whether the meat you’re holding is grain or grass fed beef. You have heard that grass fed option is better and healthier for you. Well, many studies have shown that this is actually true. It’s not only an advertising trick. Are you wondering why is grass fed beef healthier? It’s healthier because it contains much less fat than regular beef, it’s rich with omega 3 fatties and vitamins like A, E and B6, and it contains various micronutrients and antioxidants. Omega 3s lowers the risk of getting stroke, diabetes and depression. Grass fed meat also contains CLA that is thought (but not yet proven) to lowers the risk of getting some types of cancer.


How is that possible? Cattle are naturally supposed to eat only grass and edible plants they find while roaming on the vast fields. They aren’t supposed to eat grains. They actually have many problems with digesting grains and that often leads to stomach cramps, ulcers and other digestion issues. Corporate meat industries feed cattle with grain just to make them bigger and fatter so they could slaughter them as soon as they can. If you know at least bit about how corporate meat industries treat animals, you’ll quickly figure out how this meat can’t be as much as healthy as the grass fed alternative.


Do you know how to raise grass fed beef? Grass fed cattle is raised on pasture. These animals live in humane conditions that allow them to feed with grass their entire live. They are free to roam the fields, enjoy fresh air and even have some exercise. All their food is free from pesticides, genetically modified ingredients and antibiotics. Calves are not separated from their mothers and they are not being injected any hormones. Ranchers have a personal connection with each of their cattle and they enjoy seeing them happy and satisfied. Their cattle need to be fed a lot longer to reach market weight and ranchers need to do a lot a manual labor that can be very exhausting and time consuming. But this complex process or raising the cattle doesn’t mean they will give up or change the way they take care of their animals. Nowadays, we call this organic ranching or organic meat production, but the thing is, for them, this is the only way of raising the cattle. It’s a system they believe in, and a way of life.

We should support organic grass fed meat production not only because of the sake of our health, but also because of the animals that provides us the meat. Grass fed animals live in humane conditions and they are being treated as they deserve – with lots of love. This is only right way to produce and consume meat.

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