How A Neck Collar And Neck Traction Can Help Reduce Pain After An Accident

How A Neck Collar And Neck Traction Can Help Reduce Pain After An AccidentCar accidents are a major reason why millions of people get whiplash in the United States, which is why inflatable neck collars( have become so popular. In addition to that, there are hundreds of thousands of sports injuries, construction injuries, and plenty of accidents around the home that involve the neck or back. It’s been estimated that up to 9% of all time lost from work is due to back and neck injuries. But there are ways to lessen the damage immediately, and also help repair the damage for the long-term.

Taking Care Of A Neck Injury Immediately

When any kind of accident occurs that involves the head, neck, or back, it’s important to immediately immobilize the person, if at all possible. Of course, if they’re in a burning car, you’re going to have to remove them, but as soon as they’re safe from harm, they should be laid out on their back and not moved until emergency personnel have arrived.

Once emergency personnel are on site, they’ll immediately examine the patient for all kinds of injuries, but they won’t be moving the back without a careful inspection to make sure it can be done without causing harm.

If the neck has been injured, they will most likely put on a cervical collar and then lift the patient onto a stretcher without moving the back or neck. After that, the injured party will most likely be strapped down onto a gurney in order to limit their movement while being transported. This is important because a broken vertebrae can put pressure on the spinal column and cause numbness or even long-term paralysis.

Although The Patient May Feel Okay At First, Back And Neck Pain Can Be Delayed

A very common occurrence with accident victims is that they will feel fine, although shaken up, immediately after the accident, but then after a few hours they’re completely incapacitated due to swelling and stiffness.

This is the main reason why they should be carefully examined in an emergency room before being allowed to go home. They will most likely need to wear a cervical collar or neck brace in order to keep their neck straight and head up and not put pressure on the vertebrae.

One Of The Most Common Treatments Is Neck Traction

Neck traction involves carefully applied pressure that separates the vertebrae, which will allow them to realign themselves as they were previously, in a natural way. Many times, due to the blunt trauma of the accident, the vertebrae have been forced out of alignment and can pinch the spinal column, causing numbness or paralysis.

Most of the vertebrae, their discs, and other parts of the spinal skeleton heal better when they’re slightly pulled apart and under no pressure due to gravity or muscle tension. This is why neck traction works so well, even when just used for a short time each day. It can work wonders to alleviate pain and discomfort after an accident.

If you’re involved in any kind of accident that involves your neck, whether it’s in a car, during a sport, or around the home, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately. Failure to do so could result in more pain and longer-term disability.

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