Professional Athletes At Greater Risk For Foot Issues

Professional Athletes At Greater Risk For Foot IssuesAthletes are more prone to foot injuries. Arch inserts for flat feet, topical gels, and more tools are widely available on the market to help prevent people from experiencing foot soreness.

Approximately one-fourth of the body’s total bones are located in the feet. When these bones become misaligned, the rest of the body is affected. Although 75% of the population experience foot problems, it’s usually not caused by genetics. Majority of foot problems are caused by improper foot care, including wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Our general wellness can be reflected in our feet. Problems such as nerve and circulatory conditions, diabetes, and joint inflammation usually begin in the feet. So, foot conditions can initially indicate more severe medical issues.

You can try walking, as it’s the best exercise for your feet. It also improves all-around wellness by improving blood flow and controlling our weight.

A variety of basic foot troubles can be because of exhausting physical activity, including:

Plantar fasciitis – The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue located at the bottom of the foot that runs from the heel to the forefoot. Professionals can recommend soles that are shock absorbent, especially when you’re working out.

Athlete’s foot – It causes the skin to be red, dry, and flaky and it’s linked with pain and irritation. Athlete’s foot is commonly acquired in warm and wet areas, since this is where the fungi can easily spread. Good foot hygiene should be practiced in order to avoid this. Keeping the feet, socks, and shoes dry and clean is a must. In case a person gets this condition, topical creams or oral medication can be given.

Toenail fungus – Also known as onychomycosis, this can be acquired in places that are wet like gyms, shower areas, or pools. Individuals and athletes who regularly wear snug shoes or socks and those that wear shoes that keep the feet from being dry are more prone to this. You can prevent this by wearing protective shoes, especially in public pools.

Importance of Foot Wellness

When feet are uncomfortable, what seems to be minor problem can lead to an alarming concern if neglected. Contact a medical expert if these signs are seen:

Foot calluses, blisters, and thickening skin

Toe bumps

Skin peeling

Pain or injury that’s not healing

Thick, flaky, breakable, or stained toe nails

Fungal infections under toenails can cause any movement to be painful. Consult a podiatrist if you suffer from fragile nails or dry skin.

Healthy Feet Steps

Foot itching and pain should not be neglected.

Your feet, with every action, feel stressed. Don’t assume it can be taken for granted. Consult a medical professional if it’s causing you pain and stress.

Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes, especially high heels, as they cause pain and discomfort. If it’s a requirement, you can wear sole inserts to boost the comfort of your shoes. Find a sole insert that provides ample cushion and support so that it can prevent your feet from feeling stressed and strained, even during light activities or whole days of walking.

It’s important to not neglect our feet, as they greatly affect our mobility. Follow these steps and take precautionary measures in order to keep your feet from feeling sore and tired.

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